Friday, 6 July 2012

Holy Mass and Juventutem Social June 2012 Report

Juventutem Bristol is grateful to Fr Thomas for celebrating the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and for Father Redman hearing Confessions in the Traditional Rite on Wednesday 4 July 2012. We would also like to thank Fr Goodman for supporting Juventutem Bristol.

It was great to see a good turnout at the Social, where we were joined by Fr Thomas and Fr Redman.

Please keep these Priests in your prayers. St John Mary Vianney said:

‘If I were to meet a priest and an angel, I should salute the priest before I saluted the angel. The latter is the friend of God; but the priest holds His place. St. Teresa kissed the ground where a priest had passed. When you see a priest, you should say, “There is he who made me a child of God, and opened Heaven to me by holy Baptism; he who purified me after I had sinned; who gives nourishment to my soul. ” At the sight of a church tower, you may say, “What is there in that place?” “The Body of Our Lord. ” “Why is He there?” “Because a priest has been there, and has said Holy Mass.’

Next Mass

Low Mass: Wednesday 1 August 2012 at 6.30pm at Holy Cross, Dean Lane, Bedminster, Bristol, BS3 1DB and then followed by a Juventutem Social.

Confessions in the Traditional Rite is normally available from 6.00pm

Masses open to all
Socials are reserved to those aged 18 - 35 
Please support the Holy Mass and encourage other Young Orthodox Catholics to attend! Introduce someone to the beauty of the Tridentine Mass.

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