Monday, 4 June 2012

Chartres Pilgrimage

Five young Roman Catholics from Juventutem Bristol with Fr Goodman (Holy Cross, Bedminster, Bristol) returning from Chartres

Chartres Pilgrimage

Five young Roman Catholics joined the 50 other young Traditional Catholics from the UK for the Chartres Pilgrimage - 75 miles - and the weather was hot (30 degrees - 86 Farenheit). Approximately 8000 young Traditional Catholics from around the world walk this Pilgrimage each year!

Three Priest from the Clifton Diocese also walked this Pilgrimage - Fr Goodman, Fr Redman and Fr Rowe.

It is an incredible experience and a great opportunity to meet other young Orthodox Catholics and to experience the Holy Mass and have Traditional Devotions and Mediations each day.

More photos:

Fr Goodman

Juventutem UK Chapter at the end of the Pilgrimage

Having lunch in the hot weather

Fr Rowe
Fr Redman

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