Saturday, 5 May 2012

Lesser Known Roman Rubrics: The Sanctus Candle

An example of a Sanctus Candle being lit during a Low Mass - Copyright Dr Shaw LMS Chairman
On Saturday 05 May 2012, Father Redman (St Dominic's - Dursley) celebrated Low Mass and during the consecration a third candle was lit by the Server (David Aron). This third candle, known as the Sanctus Candle, is placed on the Epistle (right) side of the altar.

According to the rubric of the missal, the Sanctus Candle may be lit from the consecration to the communion, however, this is no longer extensively observed.  This old and beautiful practice of the Sanctus Candle draws attention to our Lord's Real Presence on the Altar during that portion of the Holy Mass.

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