Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Possible venue for first social!

I like the look of Bolletino's, which is very near Holy Cross Church, Bedminster (a likely but not yet confirmed venue for Holy Mass). There is a special offer for Sunday dining, so it is probable that we will aim for Sunday Mass followed by lunch.

Confirmation of dates and arrangements to follow. Further suggestions very welcome! Early May is the target at this stage. Please inform your friends and suggest that they join the Facebook group (no commitment needed, obviously).

Bolletino's website.

This is readily accessible by public transport (and walkable from Bristol Temple Meads station).

The aim of the future events is very much for like-minded Catholics to enjoy each other's company, and assist in the mutual sanctification of the Church's youth. Therefore, all events will have a blend of solemn worship and chilled out socialising. Spread the word!!

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